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Guess who's on your side...

God happyGod. That's right. God. God is not out to get you, he loves you. He delights in you. He wants you near him.You see, originally everyone knew about God and talked with him. Life was easy, everyone had a good time, it was wonderful. A party perhaps. God took care of everything.

But then those people decided that they wanted to be like god, powerful. They wanted to be important, to do it on their own. So God said "Okay," you can. ButGod sad there was a price in this.


The price was they turned their back on God. If they are going to do it on their own, to be important, they don't need God anymore. So they left God.Adam & Eve - StubbornProblem was they really weren't very powerful, and they didn't do a very good job. They messed up. Their kids messed up. Everyone after them messed up.And we mess up too, just like these people. We all now are all born Prideful Dudeindependent of God and not knowing God. And when we die, we will also be away from God and heaven.So how do we get out of this mess? We need to correct this problem of being independent of God, we need to surrender.But even that is something that we can't do on our own. God had to help us with that. God himself came down to earth and did it for us. Jesus of Nazareth was God living in a person. Jesus surrendered to God completely, even to point of death. When we accept him and his life, his complete surrender becomes ours. Jesus in exchange accepts our Rabbi Jesuslife and pays a penalty for the way we acted and is himself separated from God momentarily. It is an exchange, a trade. Jesus gets our life, and we get his. What a deal!God did all of this because he loves us so very, very much and wants us back so very, very bad. Wouldn't you like to know him? Think about it, and say this prayer and if you do:

Dear God, I realize that I have messed up and am separated from you. I realize that I can't fix that on my own and need Jesus. I accept Jesus' life and give him mine. I surrender my life to you, I ask you to come into my life and change me so that I may know you.Amen