Original Framed Painting

Vouet Original Study

This is a Baroque original study by American-born artist Nancy Ireland. It depicts children, basking in the comfort and protection of a lovely and powerful angel. The subjects have been modified by the artist to represent this message. The study was created from Simon Vouet's Allegory of Wealth. The painting utilizes the formal composition of dynamic symmetry of the classics. The colors are rich, jewel-toned and framed in a wide gold ornate frame. This piece will lend elegance to any decor. Own an early original by this up-and-coming artist! Actual image size is 15" x 15", with frame the picture is 19" x 19".

About the 16th century artist and painting:

VOUET, Simon (b. 1590, Paris, d. 1649, Paris)
Allegory of Wealth 1630-35 Oil on canvas, 170 x 124 cm amuse du Louvre, Paris

The fleshly opulence and joyful coloring of Simon Vouet made him, to some extent, a French Rubens. On his return from Rome in 1627 he became Court Painter to Louis XIII and was the founder of that tradition of decorative panting which Le Brun developed. $250.00.


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