Original Detailed Framed Drawings Ultimate Elegance!

Portrait of a Court Lady
Original Museum Sketches Custom Framed

Portray the ultimate in elegance and sophistication in your home or office.The sketches are so finely detailed they resemble etchings. Professionally trained artist Ireland specializes in Baroque, Renaissance and Rococo styles. Her pursuit of these art forms have led to the studies of these historical artist's works. They are beautifully framed in soft antique gold thin ornate frames. The ivory mat delicately blends with the entire color scheme. The mat is acid-free as well as the paper for the greatest longevity. Actual size of each drawing is 10" x 10." With frame each piece is 15" x 15." This sale includes both framed original pieces. These sketches were taken from a Carle van Loo original oil located at the Saginaw Art Museum in Saginaw, Michigan. Charles Andre van (Carle van Loo) (1705-1765) First Painter to Louis XV Portrait of a Court Lady original oil

A little information on Carle van Loo: Carlo Andrea says Carle is undoubtedly the most famous painter among the three artists of the dynasty of Van Loo, of which works make the exposure Van Loo, wire of Abraham. Its glory was immense and its particularly successful official career, as the list of the titles attests it which precedes the praise read by the painter Michel- Francois Dandre-Bardon in front of the Royal Academy by Painting & of Sculpture, a few weeks after the death of Carle in 1765 in Paris: " Rider, knight about S. Michel, First Painter of the King, Director, Vice- chancellor of the Royal Academy of Painting & of Sculpture, & Director of the Pupils protected by the King." $150.00.


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