(Jesus Detail)



Rare Large Jesus with Black Sheep Ltd Edition


Share a feast for the eyes and spirit! This is a beautiful offset lithographic limited edition print. The full-size painting is an original rare renaissance- inspired creation by American-born artist Nancy Ireland. It depicts Jesus as the good shepherd loving something unusual - the black sheep. For those who feel they are the black sheep of the family, this print will be a loving encouragement.

In addition this depiction of Jesus aims at a greater historical accuracy. Jesus is portrayed with dark, curly hair, and darker skin, which would have been reminiscent of people of the Jewish decent in the Middle East. Jesus' rabbinical authority is hinted in the Hebrew prayer shawl fluttering from his wraps of garments behind him. Since the occupation of shepherding was a rugged occupation, the cloaks are depicted with a rugged, slightly soiled coloration. We believe that the "Lost Sheep" image will receive national recognition due to the originality of the content. To our knowledge, never before has Jesus been depicted holding a BLACK sheep.

T he hand-lettered writing on the original print states: "If a s hepherd has 100 sheep and one wanders away and is lost, what will he do? Won't he leave the 99 others and go out into the hill s in search for the lost one? And if he finds it, he will surely re joice over it, more than over the 99 that didn't wander away. In the s ame way, it is not my Heavenly Father's will that even one of these li ttle ones should perish. Matthew 18:12-14." The quantities are limited and will never be reproduced again. This artist has received copyright registration with the US Department of Copyrights, and cannot be reproduced by anyone else. The prints are produced on acid-free paper, with fade-resistant inks for the highest quality and longevity. This is the largest size produced of this image, less than 2000 of this size are in existence today. Each print is inspected, hand numbered, and signed by the artist in acid- free ink. Actual image size is 23" x 11.5", with boarder the print is 25" x 13.5".



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