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About the Artist

A Christian First and Foremost.
Welcome visitors! It has been a long journey before I declared my self a Christian first and foremost. Now I delight in God. If you are not sure that there is a God, let me give you one bit of advice, I have found this to be true: "Seek God, and he will reveal himself to you." If you have not become aware of the presence of God, it is because you have not really looked. Once you find Him, you will find a delightful, loving, awesome being. God wants to know you, no matter who you are or what you have done. Jesus was God in Human form. He paid the penalty on the cross for our sins so we would not have to. When you accept Jesus and His death on the cross, you are made pure again in God's eyes. Ready to know God? Say this simple prayer, (but you have to really mean it): Dear God, I realize that I have messed up and am separated from you. I realize that I can't fix that on my own and need Jesus. I accept Jesus' life and give him mine. I surrender my life to you, I ask you to come into my life and save me. Amen.

An artist second.

An artist second. I have always, since I was a child, loved classical art. It is quite a challenge to pursue this style, but it has always been a dream of mine to paint in the Baroque style.

About the mural.
I made a point of trying to make Jesus look more Jewish for a couple reasons. In studying the Bible and taking in God's love for people, I grew in my love for people. I look at all people as being created beautiful. I think the way the light plays off the skin of people of color is fascinating. Most of the historical paintings of Jesus show Him with blue eyes and blond hair. Since He was from the Middle East, I think this was probably not the case. I think he probably had brown skin and very dark hair. It is interesting how God worked that out... in a sense Jesus was neither black nor white... he was right in the middle, he was a man with some color. In being involved in evangelism, I would sometimes hear from African American Muslims that "Christianity is a white man's religion" one of my points is that Jesus had some color, and came for everyone. Jesus' eyes are closed because he is cuddling and loving the sheep. Just as when you are in a deep embrace with someone you love, you may close your eyes just to feel the comfort of that embrace. Below is an article that appeared in the 2000 issue of the Saginaw News. Please note that Jesus was a shepherd figuratively, and this is not the best side of me. ;) Click to see larger image:

Beautiful Jesus Picture
I am also a marketing manager, graphic artist and webmaster by trade. See some of my graphic design and web site mastery at